Sunday, December 26, 2021

Don't Serve The Kids THAT Sauce

While in Chicago we ate at Orso's and ordered a penne pasta with a wonderful vodka sauce. The minis fell in love with the sauce and asked for me to make vodka sauce. With it being the holiday season, I haven't exactly had an abundance of time, so I offered to buy a canned vodka sauce instead. So, one day at lunch I made a vegetable penne pasta and added the vodka sauce.

My kids were thrilled until I went to serve the daycare kids their lunch. The nine year old stopped me and said, "Mom! Don't give the kids sauce with alcohol in it! They can't have vodka!" I stared at her through a fit of giggles as I needed a minute to get my thoughts together.

For one, she's nine. Her brothers are eleven and thirteen. What made her think they could have vodka sauce, but the younger daycare kids couldn't? Did she forget that they are in fact kids as well? For another, did she really think I was actually serving them alcohol with their lunch??? I had more questions than answers on this one, but I did find it adorable how the bigs look out for littles with anything and everything. I'm overlooking how little faith they seem to have in me, though!