Friday, August 18, 2017

Pick A Better Time To Poop, Dude!

I want you to take in this picture below. It's my husband enjoying a dinner by himself. Quietly eating, food warm (okay, so it was re-heated but warm nonetheless), beer in hand. Notice all other spaces at the table have been left. Because dinner was over with when he sat down. It must be nice.

I'm calling him out on it too:

He was pooping.

How is it that husband's have a knack for "needing to poop" at the most in-opportune times?

Dinner time ✔
Putting groceries away ✔
During the worst toddler tantrum in the history of tantrums? ✔
When a kid comes out of the bedroom needing a drink of water five minutes after going to bed? ✔

Dear lord, pick a better time to poop dude! I just don't get it. I love you but our children are only going to remember you on the toilet. Is it just my husband?? Or do all husband's have a knack for "needing" to do something at the most inopportune times? So, I asked some of my girlfriends. Actually, it's a discussion we've had numerous times in the past.

Apparently my husband is not the only one with bad timing. It makes me wonder, are they doing it deliberately? I hope they have fun catching up on Reddit articles and YouTube videos because my time in the bathroom isn't any sort of relaxation. For me it's more like a race, like a beat your own time type of thing. If I'm gone for longer than 20 seconds I'll have an audience in the bathroom (which quite honestly I'm used to at this point in my mommyhood). But really, do I need to start planning things around this pooping schedule?

* Shout out to the Hubs who shrugged when I ran this topic idea by him and said, "I'm sure other husband's will understand me." 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Why I Don't Worry About The Future of America


In today's world there is much to worry about. Seriously, we live in a world where Donald Trump can be president. In light of recent events, I feel the need to raise my voice. Yes, there's A LOT we need to do to turn this country, this world, around. Many people say they don't know where to start or how to fix all of the wrong we have done. 

I have the answer. I see it facing me every day. I see it as more water is screamed for. I feel is as every reassuring hug is given. I say it when I confirm that the words "stupid poopy butt" aren't nice words to say. Yet they're the meanest words they can think to say to one another. For that I smile. I'm reassured.

The answer is in the next generation. The next generation who is still small, who have the kindest hearts, and more love to give than all of the adults I know combined. The next generation who hasn't yet learned how to judge another person, who are accepting and open minded. I witness it every day.

This summer, much like every other summer, has found my house full of children. One particularly beautiful day, the gaggle of kids were running out the door to the backyard. One little girl caught her toe on the door as she ran out. I asked if she was alright, but she kept running right to her friends. I assumed she was ok as she climbed into the tree house. What I witnessed next left me with tears in my eyes and my heart full of hope.

Two children climbed down from the tree house and ran inside. One grabbed a washcloth; the other grabbed band aids. Without saying a word to me, they ran past and climbed back into the tree house. They proceeded to clean the (above) little girl's toe, bandage it, and give her a hug. When they looked to be done, I made sure everything was indeed okay.

"Yep, she hurt her toe, but she's okay now. You can take the washcloth though, it has some blood on it. We'll watch her to make sure she's okay."

A six and a five year old stopped the game they were playing (I actually think they were dissecting a cicada in the tree house, but that's besides the point), helped their friend, comforted her, and made sure she was taken care of. A six and a five year completely took care of their friend. Without being told or asked. They did it all on their own. In simple gestures they displayed love, compassion, helpfulness, kindness, and complete selflessness. 

And that's our answer to fix the world. If we, as a failing generation, can keep it together long enough to show our children how to keep their minds and hearts open and accepting, they are our hope. They are quite literally our future. Surrounded by children like this every day makes all of the news reports, hopeless tales of senseless judgement, less scary. It makes me less scared for the world because of what the next generation can put forth. I don't worry about our future with the little minds I see each day. They will do better than we have done, than we are doing. That I truly believe.