Sunday, June 6, 2021

A Letter To My Daughter On Her 9th Birthday


Pedernales Falls State Park, Texas; Mother's Day 2021

To My Sweet Elizabeth,

Today you are 9! Your last year in single digits. You're toeing the line between child and preteen. It's wonderful to see you growing and changing, with a side of bittersweetness. I know the last year has been challenging, but make no mistake, I have LOVED being right next to you for all of it! I always enjoy a front row seat to your life, but the pandemic made sure I got to be there for everything. It's time I will always and forever cherish.

You faced the past year with grace, beauty, laughter, and positivity. Each challenge was met with clarity and love. I'm amazed at your perserverance and happy-go-lucky attitude. You love to try new things, which is a big reason you navigate this life so beautifully. You flourished during our year homeschooling, learned multiplication like a pro, read numerous books, and really took control of your own education. To be honest, I never fully understood what it meant to be in complete control of your education (when there's a school doing it for you), but you and your brother's have shown me exactly what it means. You've taken what could have been a complete disaster of a school year and turned it into a unique experience filled with possibilities. 

Thursday night dance classes were a highlight for you. I was worried how you would do going to dance from 6:20 - 8:45 each Thursday, but you did it with ease. You happily practiced ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop dance moves throughout the week. I've gotten used to hearing your tap shoes across our floors! Other than dance, your hobbies include shooting baskets, playing with neighbor friends, and watching television shows that you probably shouldn't be watching.

I am so proud of how you have taken on year 8 and I can't wait to see what you do with year 9! My favorite part of each day with you is at bedtime. Our nightly routine goes like this: "goodnight Lil! I love you so much." "Goodnight mom! I love you so much too. By the way mom, what's for breakfast in the morning?" Followed by a few dozen questions before I finally make it out of your room. Most of your questions make me wonder what is happening in that mind of yours!

I cannot wait to see where the next year takes you. You have matured so much this year, with many less tantrums and tears. I believe your newfound critical thinking skills will serve you well in the coming months. I promise to give you plenty of fun, adventures, time together, and room to grow.

 Elizabeth Ann, you are a joy to be with each day. Your easy going nature is welcomed in hard times, your sensitve soul a reminder to appreciate everything in life. I am lucky to be your mom and help you through the tough questions in life. Thank you for always giving me a reason to smile, a reason to scratch my head and wonder how the hell I'm going to answer questions you pose, and a reminder to laugh as much as possible. 

You are so loved! We hope all your wishes come true on your birthday and every day.

Love always and forever,


Always ready for any kind of sweets, including eating tres leches cake at Rio Grande River Gorge, Taos, NM; May 2021.