Sunday, June 27, 2021

Control Yourselves With The Pokemon Cards


So, we learned last night that Target now has a limit on the number of Pokemon card sets you can by. Two. It doesn't matter the size of the card packs, it can be a $5 pack or one of the ridiculous $60+ packs, but no more than two. Apparently, grown ass adults can be found waiting around Target for new trading cards. Before this idiotic rule, these grown ass adults would buy out the entire Pokemon card section within minutes and then re-sell them for a higher cost. 

Adults. I picture creepy men waiting for trading cards. I do not understand this. I told my own two Pokemon obsessed boys that if I ever find out they're waiting in line as adults for children's trading cards, they will be disowned. Now, because of this, we can't buy three pack of trading cards at once for OUR THREE CHILDREN.

Children who will actually use the trading cards to trade and play games with their friends. We had to do separate transactions because of this rule. Was it a huge deal? Not really, but I would be aggrevated if I had my kids with me trying to make purchases and wouldn't be able to buy the cards all at once. I've seen an unreal amount of stupidity from people lately and this is definitely up there with it. While I don't like this rule, it's not necessarily Target's fault for *needing* to put the rule in place. It's stupid, grown ass adults who can't control themselves with Pokemon cards. Get. It. Together.