Monday, June 7, 2021

Summer Week 1

I'll be honest, my minis and myself have been working on summer time since the end of April, but we finally added more friends to the mix this week. There was A LOT of outside time, late nights playing with neighbor friends, early mornings waiting for friends to arrive, slime, movies, a Donut Day, and getting reacquainted to the loudness of the house in the summer! Some of these friends haven't seen each other in 14 months or longer! It's amazing to have them back together again.

Sure the kids are all happy to be together, but the dog is THRILLED to have a busy house!

Somebody popped a bag of popcorn before everyone was in bed and somebody had to share the entire bag.

The kids loved this slime kit. The slime is premade, but there's soooo many options for mix-ins that don't come with many slime kits that you have to make yourself. I was asked to re-purchase this set for another slime day later this summer. 

Our donut day activities were a hit. Read about our day here.

We're working on lining shoes up against the wall because otherwise they're everywhere (and a huge tripping hazard)!

The basement big kid room has been well loved, with the bigs playing music (nonstop) while building Legos, talking, and playing with Polly Pockets. I love that they're able to have their own space and talk about big kid things.....there's way less explaining to the littles about something a big said!