Monday, June 21, 2021

A Letter To My Middle Child On Your 11th Birthday


My Sweet Harrison,

You're 11!!! Year 10 was a doozy for you. There were so many changes, obstacles, challenges, and you faced each one with ease, excitement, occasional disappointment, but most of all, adaptability. No matter what is thrown at you, you manage to ultimately look at the bright side of things and come up with a way to make them memorable. You find the fun in all things, as you have since the day you were born. You are the reason I changed the way I thought about life and how I went about it.

Last week we had a family discussion about what you and your siblings were like as toddlers. Toddler Harrison gave me gray hair! Never did I imagine then that you would become a responsible, independent 11 year old. I am proud beyond words of who you are and the person you are becoming. One of my favorite things is to sit and daydream with you, as we create insane travel itineraries and family fun days. Nothing is impossible in your mind.

You nailed homeschooling this past school year. You weren't thrilled to miss out on your fifth grade year and the precious time with your friends, but you made the best of it. You discovered your love for reading thanks to Harry Potter. I have now spent a small fortune on HP Legos for you! You love dance and Boys Club. You just had your first true dance recital (thanks Covid) and you shocked your grandparents with your dancing abilities. You are a natural dancer and it shows! I love seeing you try new things and push yourself out of your comfort zone. I hope you continue this for your entire life.

I remember spending much of my days reminding you not to stomp your feet when you walked. I now cherish those feet stomping through my house because it's a reminder that you're still a kid who loves to run in and out of the house as you play with friends, who loves to be outside all day every day. You've definitely hit the pre-teen phase of being a kid one minute to wanting to do something adult-like the next. You spent a lot of year 10 cooking and baking, creating recipes from your head...very much unlike your brother who likes to find recipes and follow them exactly.

You love all the same things as last year: coffee, coffee shops, going places, having adventures, pho, chana masala, Mexican food, Friends, The Simpsons, and jumping on the trampoline. You're trying to talk me into a second dog and your dad is nervous that you'll succeed! You're thrilled to be moving to the basement once we're done using it as a homeschool room. You grew to distain salad for some reason, but you're far from a picky eater. 

I'm a bundle of nerves thinking about this next year for you. You'll tackle MIDDLE SCHOOL and a few more months of homeschooling while we travel. There will be changes and challenges in the year ahead, but I have no doubt that you'll succeed to turn it all into a giant game of FUN. Because that's who you are and I hope that never changes about you. I can't tell you enough how lucky I feel to have gotten all of this extra time with you thanks to Covid. As we say, "Covid sucks, but we don't." One thing is for certain, I'll eat tres leches cake next to the Rio Grande any day with you, kid!

Love always and forever,