Saturday, June 26, 2021

Getting Back To Normal Is Kicking My Ass

 It's been a busy month. This past week in particular, has been long. There's been work followed by dinner then a night at the pool for swimming lesssons. We have three kids and long lessons. We've been at the pool each night from 6:30 until nearly 9 p.m. That's our entire evening. By the time we get the minis showered and into bed it's 10:00. Needless to say, there hasn't been a lot of relaxing or free time happening. Even our weekends have been busy (thanks to birthday month).

All of it is kicking my ass. Most of 2020 was emotionally and mentally draining. Summer 2021 is physically and (occasionally) mentally draining. It's hard to believe that our normal was once being busy every night of the week, with children's activities, meetings, dinners, outings. After a year of casual Zoom meetings, being home nearly every night, I honestly can't imagine going back to that crazy schedule. My twelve hours of sleep last night can also attest to me being drained from the long week.

My ass is kicked. While the minis are off spending the night with grandparents tonight, I'm going to enjoy a leisurely drink with dinner and then relax in a quiet house as I gear up for one more crazy week.