Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Summer Sayings

Summers are ALWAYS interesting, not becuase the house is filled with children, but due to the various ages of the kids. These are all kids that I have had since they were babies. There's never a dull moment in the house during our days. There's plenty of laughter, just as many 'WTF' moments, and more face palm times than I can count. I love every minute of the insanity. Here's a few lines and moments that stick out from our one month of summer break:

1.)  "Don't sit on the dinosaur. It hurts your butt. That happened to me last week." Super long pause. "There's a bruise."

2.) Mulberries fall from our neighbor's HUGE tree.

Me: "Don't eat the mulberries off of the ground!"

Kid: "I didn't. I ate them off of the tree."

Me: "The tree clear up there that I can't even reach, that also happens to be all the way in the neighbors yard?"

Kid: Looks up at the tree with wide eyes.

Me: "Care to change your story?"

3.) Kids watched me bake brownies and gluten free vegan cookies for the next day's snack. I told them repeatedly when we were going to eat them.

Kid: "Can I have a cookie to go? I don't think I'm going to be here tomorrow."

Me: "You're definitely here tomorrow. That was an amazing try though."

4.) "I lost a shoe. I don't know where it is. It was on my foot one minute and the next it was gone." We found it in a bucket in the mud kitchen....across the yard from where the kid supposedly lost it. The dog nearly got blamed for that one.

5.) Cussing kids.

 Kid 1: "Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, WTF, Saturday." All kids at the lunch table giggle. 

Kid 2: "I know what HE double hockey sticks really means."

Kid 3: "Do you know the A word?"

Kid 4: "What about the S word?"

All Kids: "Ooohhh, that's so bad! You're NEVER supposed to say the S word. It's worse than the SH word."

After more clarification, the S word is stupid.

6.) "Can we listen to Build A B*tch?" said by a sweet, quiet 5 year old.

7.) "Everyone pause the burrito, I have to pee!" 

        * they were in the midst of a wicked round of Throw Throw Burrito *