Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Elizabeth's Birthday Weekend

This weekend was simply crazy.....crazy fun! The weekend after each mini's birthday is declared Birthday Weekend. The birthday mini gets to decide what they'd like to do for the weekend. The boys usually choose Adventureland or a pool, but Elizabeth likes to keep us guessing. This year she chose to go to a sprint car race in Knoxville, Iowa.

Not only did we enjoy the races, but we had some more action throughout the weekend. On Friday night, Elizabeth spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's. We treated the boys to a movie night with their favorite Mexican take out.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to volunteer at the Des Moines Children's Museum 1st Birthday celebration. It was such a crazy morning, but oh so fun! The Museum had tons of special activities going on throughout the day. My favorite were the clay leaves the kids got to make. The leaves will be put onto an art piece that will be on display in the permanent Museum location (when it opens).

The above is a sample as to what the final art piece will look like at the Museum.

The minis had such a blast making their leaves. We're definitely doing something similar at daycare with clay this summer.

The moment after I managed to easily give instructions over 50 plus people. Sometimes I forgot how loud of a voice I have....

A funny moment in the day that made me realize how small this world really is: Elizabeth (and the boys) handed out invites to their birthday party to kids at school. Immediately I had a response from Elizabeth's friend Emma that she would be attending. Oddly enough, Emma and her family were at the Museum on Saturday and I found out that I knew the family from previous volunteering experiences.

Birthday party games and cake was the highlight that ended our morning/early afternoon at the Museum.

We had to have a short rest Saturday afternoon (me included) and ran through a McDonald's on our way down to Knoxville. There's not much I can eat at McDonald's, but I can never pass up McD's french fries.

We've been to the sprint car races once in Knoxville and the minis loved the experience. Unfortunately, busy weekends throughout the racing season work against us, but this time it worked out well. It was a long night, but we all enjoyed ourselves. The BEST part of the night came at the very end when Elizabeth got to sit in one of the race cars thanks to a high school friend who called in a favor! How cool is that!!??!! She's been talking about it nonstop since then and can't wait to go back to the races. We'll definitely be going again!

Conversations with ear plugs in can be interesting....

I love the variety this girl provides: cheering on the drivers as she does cheers and dance moves in the stands. 

Our Sunday looked like this: a late breakfast at Star Bar, a few small errands, placing a grocery order, and naps while it rained. It was a perfect rainy Sunday Funday.

Games of Tic Tac Toe and sneaking sips of coffee while we waited for our food.

My favorite part of having the minis home over the summer is that they get sooo excited about the daycare activities that they take pride in helping deep clean each Sunday night and prepping for the week ahead. While I always have them help out, I don't have to pull teeth to get them to do it during the summers. During the school year, when they're not able to enjoy daycare's activities, is when it's a struggle. 

These busy weekends (and weekdays) have sure caught up with me, but I sure wouldn't change them for anything.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Fishing Weekend

Spending one morning at Raccoon River Park on free fishing weekend has become a tradition for our family and also an early birthday celebration for the minis. In fact, it's one of our favorite weekends of the summer! Other than fishing it was actually quite the busy weekend. Hubs had to work on Saturday, so that left me in charge of shuffling the minis in between playdates, end of the year parties, and attending graduation parties. 

The weekend started with the oldest mini claiming to be out of deoderant. Turns out he didn't know he needed to turn it upwards to get more.

After a day of running around, we brought pizzas to the Museum where we hosted a Pizza Party for our volunteers. My minis enjoyed running around and having all of the toys to themselves. The nice part was that there was plenty of pizza leftover that we got dinner the next evening out of it too!

What's more fitting than ice cream after a dinner of pizza?? Our first visit to Snookies for 2018.

Sunday morning didn't go quite as planned. No one woke up in a particularly good mood, but the oldest had a meltdown because he couldn't find his Captain America hat. Full on crying, yelling, telling us he didn't want to be in our family of THOSE meltdowns (or as I call them, the pre-teen tantrum). Things were scary in our house that morning. We were supposed to arrive at Raccoon River Park at 9 a.m. but didn't get there until nearly 10. For the sake of everyone, we waited until everyone was calmed down.

But once we arrive at the lake, everyone was (pretty much) happy and excited about fishing!

Fishing with a Starbucks in hand.

We managed to get a selfie with everyone in it!

We had a picnic at the park (which was interesting given the incredibly windy day we were given) and celebrated the minis birthday with deli sandwiches and their favorite cupcakes.

Yummy Scratch cupcakes!

After our fishing morning, we told the minis we'd take them to their favorite spraygrounds to play, but they chose to break in their new dino sprinkler in the backyard instead! 

Harrison displayed his new cat butt magnets proudly. This was just one of many interesting things he asked for for his birthday!