Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Weekend of Playing

This was one of our last weekends playing and lounging at home. This spring we plan on playing A LOT outside, on the go, and doing yard improvements. On this particular weekend, the adults (that would be Hubs and myself) got to play while the minis had a babysitter and that's about all we did. Sunday we lounged at home, took naps, watched a movie, and lounged some more. It was a cold, wintery type weekend that made the lounging even more welcomed.

We had a great night out! We saw the movie Blockers while enjoying beers and dinner at Flix Brewhouse, then we made our way to Plaza Pub. The last time I was there was 12 years ago on a bar crawl. It will probably be another 12 years before I go back. I also had jello shots for the first time in 10 years. It will probably be another 10 years before I have them again.

The minis had a slumber party in the living room. We woke up to quite the mess.

We had a quick brunch at Eggs and Jam before going back home (and back to bed). Everything was wonderful! The wait staff was knowledgeable and helpful, the menu had options for everyone, and the food was delicious. We'll definitely be going back for brunch again, but earlier in the morning so it's not so crowded.

It wouldn't be brunch without one meltdown over absolutely nothing.

It was at this moment I realized how badly I needed to do laundry. I couldn't find clean jeans to wear so I threw on capri pants. It was snowing and 30 degrees out.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

I'll Talk To You With My Pants Around My Ankles

I heard the door squeak open as I became aware I hadn't fully latched the bathroom door. In walked my two felines. Not the kids, but the felines. I forgot to feed them (again) and they came looking for the person who remembers to feed them. I had long since finished peeing, but I sat quietly checking emails with my pants down.

I heard small footsteps start down the hallway. I held my breath as the footsteps abruptly stopped in front of the bathroom door. The door flew open the rest of the way.

"Oh you're in here!" my daughter said. 
"Typically when the door is shut, that means not to come in," I said dryly.
"Doors are supposed to be opened if they're closed," my middle child added as he trotted by.
"Yeah and the cats already kinda opened the door," my daughter replied in agreement with her brother. Without missing anything, they were both in our tiny bathroom talking about some miniscule issue I can't even remember. 

My oldest joined us in the doorway. "That's not how it went Harrison!" he chimed into their conversation, thus starting an argument amongst the three of them. There I sat in the middle of it all, with my pants down and both cats at my feet meowing.

I had gone into the bathroom for just a moment to myself. I hadn't completed anything I had set out to complete that day and no one was making it easier for me to complete my tasks that evening either.

That's about the time my husband walked into the bathroom. Now all five family members and two felines were shoved into the smallest room of the house. A room that constantly smells like urine because, well, two boys (that's all I should need to say on the subject).

"Why is this even happening right now!!??! You're dad was literally sitting on the couch. You walked by him to get to me. Why couldn't you sit on the couches with him and comfortably tell your tales and argue? Why are we all in here?" I rationally spoke to my family.

"Yeah kids. Why are you in here? Get out!" said my husband, not budging from his spot. Clearly he missed something in my message.

"I just need to breathe for a moment," I exclaimed as I finally pulled up my pants with my audience watching. I honestly couldn't remember if I even wiped, but in that moment I didn't really care.

At this point, I have to think my family is just playing a joke on me. I mean who goes into a bathroom to carry on a conversation? Let's ignore the fact that I went into the bathroom to check emails in peace, but really, they have to know how ridiculous it is every time someone comes to find me for "help" while I have my pants around my ankles. 

Why is that every time my pants are around my ankles my family chooses THAT moment to start something? An important conversation? Mom should have her pants down for that. Starting a fight on the other side of the house? Mom should definitely have her pants down for that so she can for sure stumble out of the bathroom. An injury? Mom should have her pants around her ankles when that happens too.

Alone time is precious when you're a mom. You're rarely alone even with your own thoughts because thoughts of your kids come first (does ____ have their lunch ready for tomorrow? Are they okay? Do I need to adjust the temperature so they don't get cold?). I never had an issues peeing alone until I had kids. Sometimes I wonder why I bother shutting the door because it always winds up open anyway.

My motto: if it's not my husband, it's my kids. If it's not a kid, it's a cat.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Easter Weekend

We lucked out and the minis had a three day Easter weekend thanks to a teacher's work day the Friday before Easter. They were able to partake in daycare's Easter festivities, which included cake, games, pizza, and watching The Prince of Egypt during nap time. As for the rest of the weekend, I took over programming at the Des Moines Children's Museum that Saturday, celebrated Easter with both sides of the family, and managed to have A LOT of fun with April Fools being on Easter!

Surprisingly, this was the first year ever I screwed up the bunny cake. Funny this is I was going to do a decorate your own cupcake station, but my three threw a fit: "mom! You ALWAYS do the bunny cake! You HAVE to do it!"

I scored a few cheap Easter games at the craft store the previous weekend. They kept the kids entertained.

Whip cream egg decorating at the Children's Museum. Daycare enjoyed it, so we took it to the Museum, where it was also enjoyed by two dozen other kids.

I got a brief rest in between running the egg show for kids and our first Easter celebration. The cat helped me rest too.

I did food prep late Saturday night (while Hubs worked on setting up April Fools jokes). I don't want to brag, but my homemade breakfast potatoes were amazing! I made them the night before and reheated for Sunday brunch.

While the potatoes cooked, the Easter Bunny worked her magic.

Read about our April Fools pranks and fun here. We've never really done April Fools jokes on each other, but we had fun with it this year!

Yes, the middle one is ON the table.

Brunch included coffee, mimosas, homemade pancakes, homemade biscuits and gravy (no sausage), homemade breakfast potatoes, and omelets. Sooo yummy! We only do brunches at home a few times of year and we brought it good this time.

Elizabeth happily wore her new spring clothes around the house, even though it was freezing cold outside.

Her outfit to go to dinner combined three holidays: Valentine's (the shirt), St. Patrick's Day (the socks), and Easter (the bunny ears).

The minis got us back good (also in our April Fools post).

New spring and summer toys have been ordered and delivered! The minis helped me set up this play garden for daycare.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A March Weekend

Yes, I fully realize it's April now, but this weekend happened back in March. The first weekend we were home from vacation actually. It was supposed to be a chill weekend, but of course, as soon as I plugged back into life after vacation, I lined up a string of projects. Luckily, I was able to do two things at the same time. I was able to check out Vegan Fest AND work the Des Moines Children's Museum booth at the same time. It wound up being a long day, but great networking all around (for both writing and the Museum).

The minis were around to "help" and play on and off throughout the day.

Some of my faves from Vegan Fest: acai bowl from Beef Cake Fuel (I also got a Hawaiian wrap later in the day that was amazing), sweets from Vegalicious, spring rolls, plantains, and coffee.  I have a good list of vegan/vegetarian friendly restaurants in the area that are quickly becoming my go-to places thanks to Vegan Fest.

I love watching kids play!

I left one project, only to come home and work on more. Luckily this one involved me writing in my pajamas and margaritas in my coffee mug (I'm classy like that). Clearly my husband was supportive.

The next day we tried out brunch at Granite City for the first (yum! But Americana is still our ultimate brunch spot) and took the kids to see the Easter Bunny.

I had to run to the craft store. The minis played outside (on a rare gorgeous day this spring). This was what I saw in the backup camera. I wasn't amused, but Hubs was pretty proud of himself!

 I know there's probably not going to be many of these pictures left to take (or that they'll allow us to take).

 The minis helped me create an Easter sensory bin for daycare. I love it when they help me out with daycare planning.

I left my phone on the dining room table. This was what was left for me on my screen. I shouldn't be surprised.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Family Game Night

Our plans for Saturday consisted of getting the basement prepped for severe weather season, emptying out the toy storage room(s), and getting ready for our 2018 basement revamp. Our goal is to put an egress window is, build new shelving for toy storage, and create a Big Kid Only area for the school age kids this summer. Surprisingly, the minis happily let us work while they did their own organizing. We told them that if they let us work (and helped us when we asked), we'd take them out to dinner.

Mid-afternoon the minis came to us and said, "let's get take out and do a family game night at home!" OKAY! 

I told them to get the games together that they wanted and we agreed upon Tasty Tacos for dinner. They had one request for us: "grab some cookies from HyVee." So we did. We found at why when we were told to make our way to the daycare room for Sheaffer Family Game Night.

They really got creative with the games we played! It wasn't our typical checkers, chess, or the ever faithful Candyland. Instead they had us start the night with darts (played on the magnetic dart board that was propped against the wall), a cookie walk, and Old Maid. We didn't get further than Old Maid because there was soooo much laughter and jokes that just those three games took a fair amount of time. 

Alexa had issues. We had to stop using her after this round.

Anxiously waiting to hear what number will be called out.

I was so impressed with their planning of game night and their creativity. They thought of everything!

The moment we found out our five year old is a card shark....apparently the boys have taught her how to play A LOT of card games. She won at Old Maid every time. I cracked up at her organizing her cards on the floor "so absolutely no one can see them!"

Before we knew it, it was bedtime. The other games will be saved for another game night. I'm especially looking forward to their version of Musical Chairs. Can't wait to see how that one goes!