Saturday, December 8, 2018

A Night At The Theatre

The minis have taken in many shows and plays over the years, but this was their first Broadway musical! Aunt Jenny (my sister) surprised the minis on Thanksgiving with an early Christmas present with tickets to see Aladdin. We made an entire night out of it. We had dinner at Fong's Pizza, walked down Court Avenue, and saw Aladdin at the Civic Center. The minis LOVED their night!

I had to get off of work an hour early to make the night work, but it was so worth it! We had a great time at dinner and it was good for the minis to get some energy out before the show.

Green bean casserole and mac and cheese pizzas for the delicious dinner win!

Elizabeth (6) moved between her seat and my lap. She did great at the show, minus me looking down near intermission and noticing she had taken off her shoes and socks! She had them back on when I returned to my seat from grabbing treats and drinks for everyone.

The minis had some late night energy after Aladdin. They talked about their favorite parts of the show. Elizabeth said the Genie was her favorite, with her favorite line being, "uno, dos, three." She's used this line on her dad, who did not see the show, numerous times and then she cracked up. The joke is completely lost on him, but she has yet to notice.

When we got home from the theatre, there was a big surprise waiting for the minis: our Christmas tree! Between Hubs work schedule, Elizabeth's dancing rehearsals and recitals the first weekend of December, and other obligations, we weren't sure when we'd have time to go cut down a Christmas tree. Hubs decided to surprise the minis that night, so we could still have our real tree, but not have to worry about having time to get one.

The cat was the first to use our new Aladdin blanket.

It was such a late night that the minis got to have a stay home day on Wednesday. Wednesday's are early out days anyways, so they were only missing a few hours of school. They got to watch Christmas movies, take naps, and chill in jammies all day long. I told them not to count on stay home days after we see late night musicals in the future, but for their first time, it was all a memorable experience.

Coffee and cuddles. Daycare kids were happy my three were home and watching movies because that meant they got to watch them too.

We're four days past their first Broadway musical and they haven't stopped talking about it! They've been re-enacting the musical and listening to the soundtrack nonstop. I'd say it was a very successful night that they won't soon forget!