Saturday, April 13, 2024

End of Summer

Daycare ended, so then what? Then we got busy getting ready for the new school year, a new job, holding a garage sale, and clearing out the last of the daycare stuff. 

The oldest opened his first checking account and I realized how hard this sign is to peel off. It may still be stuck on there...

Nacho night always makes us happy.

One last hurrah at Big Creek the day before school started. We all took a good breather from everything that was going on in life and played.

The original picture from 2013.

6th grade.

8th grade.

10th grade.

Dropped kids off and took ourselves to breakfast.

Took the minis to Mexican after school.

Then I held a daycare closing sale on the hottest days of summer. It was brutal, but I sold nearly everything between the garage sale, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist.

We had lots of children's books, so we filled up 20 little libraries around the city!

A hike at Ledges and Whatcha Smokin'? car picnic before our hike.

We had the pool table from my grandparents house handed down to us. With the new couch, it has been the perfect thing to make this room feel a little bit different until we decide what to do with it. The former daycare room is now referred to as the back room and is the place to have friends over and hang out.