Saturday, December 31, 2022

Christmas Weekend


Christmas was pretty perfect this year. The minis and I were off on the 23rd due to low attendance at daycare, which means I had some disappointed minis (because they wouldn't be seeing their daycare friends). I tried to help by throwing together a hot chocolate board and watching Christmas movies. In the afternoon, Hubs and I ran last minute errands. In a blizzard and -40 degrees temps. The drive across town was interesting, but we found some awesome deals and extra gifts for the minis.

Cinnamon roll casserole followed by wrapping gifts with kittens around. It was interesting.

The long awaited Universal Yums box. We signed up during the pandemic as a part of daycare homeschool (that one time I was a homeschool teacher to a group of kids all in different grades until the end of the 2020 school year) and kept it up because it was so well loved. Once the minis returned to the school building this fall, I canceled our subscription with the promise I would resume it for Christmas break. Unfortunately, none of their friends could be around for it, but there were some excellent surprises in the box.

A blizzard and a stop at Smokey Row.

While the minis had hot chocolates, I treated myself to egg nog and Fireball for my completion of present wrapping.

We had Christmas Eve at my aunt's house (as usual). The night was filled with homemade Mexican food, laughs, presents, and games. 

The minis were ready to open presents Christmas Day by 7 a.m. We had the most relaxing day. After the minis opened their gifts, we made monkey bread for breakfast and they got started on building their Lego sets. My family stopped by for our usual Christmas lunch of meats, cheeses, and crackers. We spent our afternoon and evening playing the new games we received, making a simple sheet pan dinner, and ended the night with a movie. It was absolutely wonderful!

Crockpot lava cake was requested for Christmas dessert.

We got Hubs a new waffle iron for Christmas, so we put it to use the day after Christmas. The youngest slept until 10:45 a.m. while the rest of us shoveled snow from the evening before. There were a few errands to run, but for the most part, it was another low key day.

The middle one helped me make homemade ramen for lunch just so he could try out our new ramen/pho bowls he got for Christmas.