Sunday, December 25, 2022

Christmas Is Here Again


We came into December hot with Christmas celebrations. This is the first year where our holiday celebrations are spread throughout December and January. Usually we have an insane 10-12 days of celebrations, but spreading it out has meant Hubs and I aren't completely run down and stressed. We've thoroughly enjoyed this holiday season filled with family and kittens. 

The minis had a Friday off, which means we had a three day weekend. We also had large family gatherings that weekend, so we spent our day off at the vet with the kittens (clean bill of health and shots up to date), shopping, lunch at Pho Real, and cookie tastings (it was Crumble vs. Insomnia). I spent a good amount of time with my dad's side of the family, where we celebrated an early Christmas, the first without my grandma. It was still a time of celebration and thankfulness.

I realized why I find this picture of our long haired kitten, Flora, so hilarious: she reminds me of Gremlins!

Since we've gotten the kittens and given them free reign of the house, I've been sleeping on the couch because kittens + nighttime = big trouble. At one point, I had a kitten and a dog on me while I attempted to sleep one early morning.

Pho Real's beef pho and bibimbap is phenomenal. I tried out the vegan vermicelli bowl and it was filled with flavor. The boys and I love this place.

We took advantage of the day off and took the kittens to the vet for their next round of shots.

The kittens have taken over our lives since we got them. They're busy exploring the house while the minis are trying to get used to kittens. They had no idea how curious and mischievous kittens can be!

That beautiful, white cat in the photo above is no longer with us. At 16 1/2 years old, he spent some of his final days begging for food (and barely eating it). Read his tribute post here. He is greatly missed.

A Thanksmas and birthday celebration all in one weekend! My grandpa put together a scrapbook of my grandma's life and presented it to us at our Saturday gathering.

To end our busy three day weekend, we made homemade enchiladas with my parents and sister. The kids were rollers, Hubs and I dippers (not to be confused, there's no dipping, you paint the mole on the tortillas), while my parents fry. We made 200+ enchiladas in two hours! As we worked, there were eating breaks. The oldest ate FIVE a snack. 

Kitten in a doll dress is one of my favorite things I've ever seen. Below, the youngest is all bundled up on the couch with her tea and her cat, who is hidden under her blanket.