Monday, December 12, 2022

Second Part of October

 October is always a crazy month, so it should come as no surprise that I remembered there was still part of October to recap. In December. At least it got done this year. The first part of the month was taken over with homecoming and the like (read about the beginning of the month here), while the last half was heavy on Halloween, including a Murder Mystery Dessert Party (read about that here). Crafts, parties, and pumpkin carving were highlights for all.

Spider handprints from the littles.

The youngest has the busiest schedule of all: school all day, big band practice Monday night, two nights of dance, and a band practice mid-week. We're exhausted just running her around! But she seems to love everything she's involved in.

The boys brought the pumpkin carving up a notch. Harrison went with his typical puking pumpkin, while Max made a pumpkin that ate a baby pumpkin. We watched a lot of horror movies this year, in case that wasn't evident.

We had a Halloween party with my parents. 

"Hold on mom, I'm on my phone." That is probably the most used line currently.

I held a very successful Halloween Party event at the Des Moines Children's Museum. Both boys and a friend volunteered for the night. We all had a blast, from setting up, to working the party, to cleaning up. I can't quite explain the feeling I get when I see my ideas come to life and enjoyed by the community. It's easily in my top ten best things.

2022 has been about adjusting to what life throws at us. Elizabeth had a couple of sick days, one of which happened on a day off for me (well, and resulted in two days off since I got sick too). The entire reason I had the day off was to prep and be available to prep for the Museum. Then I had a sick kiddo at home and had to adjust my availability and expectations from the day. 

After our home improvement project in September, our Bagster was collected. It provided entertainment for the kids and a few minutes of quiet for me.

The current door situation in the basement bedroom (which doesn't actually qualify as a bedroom in it's current state) isn't a door but a curtain. Long story short, we didn't pull a permit because construction material is extremely overpriced the moment. Instead, we made a few minor adjustments to the old homeschool room and the middle mini called it good enough for his own room. Thank goodness he's an easy to please kid!

The oldest chose to keep the bunk beds, so his friends have places to sleep when they come over. 

Another fun art project was bouncy ball painting on pumpkin shapes. Ideally, I would have had a smaller box for the littles to use because their little arms had a tough time shaking the box to move the balls around, so I had to help some. 

Above: Plenty of coffee out of this extra large Halloween mug; Below: How I felt by the end of October.