Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Holiday Gift Guide Made By Tweens And Teens For Adults Who Don't Know What To Get

Who really wants to read another gift guide made my someone claiming to know what kids want?? Not I! Let's face it, sometimes those things are WAY off base or all about the affiliate links (which this will have some of, FYI). Now that the minis are out of the Santa stage, we've hit a sweet spot. I can't tell you how many times we've been shopping recently and they come to the cart with something in their hands, asking, "can this be for Christmas?" I feel like we're nailing every Christmas gift this year....because they've picked every single one out. They have quite the list, but they narrowed down their top four gifts to receive, as well as their top four experience gifts. 

1.) "These mini Yankee candles are so cute!! They don't last very long, but we got them for $2 a jar and that's really good for Yankee candles." - Elizabeth, age 10

2.) "Roblox is a really fun game to play with your friends. The gift cards are turned into Robux to use throughout the game." - Harrison, age 12 and Max, age 14

3.) "Mini Brands are so much fun. I like the Disney ones and the Foodies. I like to collect them. My friends and I bring them to school and trade sometimes." - Elizabeth, age 10. While she said Mini Brands, the others said Harry Potter Lego sets. "We're trying to collect them all." - Harrison, age 12. They are well on their way to collecting every set (I admit with a head shake and a broke bank account).

4.) "My mom got us these Gap sweaters last Christmas to wear to the She and Him concert in Chicago. They're so comfy, I even wear mine to bed sometimes. It's one of my favorite shirts to wear. They're warm too." - Max, age 14

They're top four experience gifts to give:

1.) "My mom and dad went to Utah in 2020, you know, before the pandemic started. My mom told us all about these ice castles and they look so cool! Now we finally get to go in the winter." - Elizabeth, age 10

2.) "A Broadway play or musical is fun. We make a night or afternoon of it, with dinner before. We have to dress in nicer clothes too." - Harrison, age 12

3.) "Glass blowing or an art class is something unique and can be educational." - Max, age 14

4.) "Disney or a big vacation. We got Disney World tickets one year and spent two weeks doing a tour of Florida. A cruise would be cool too....we haven't gotten that one. Yet." - Harrison, age 12