Friday, December 30, 2022

Christmas Gift Gone Wrong


Back in October, the minis and I had a deep discussion about what to get their dad (also known as Hubs, or Matt) for Christmas. There were arguments. There continued to be arguments about the gift throughout November. Each mini had an idea for him, but nothing could be agreed upon. There were a few tears...from them. In the midst of one enormous argument, I walked away before I cried too. One night, the middle mini came home after an outing with dad, talking excitedly about something we could get him. He began describing a tool box, or at least something to keep tools in.

With the upcoming home improvement projects Hubs has on his list, I thought this would be a great idea. I was sold even more when the middle mini, so sure of himself, informed me that what he saw was only, "one hundred dollars." Sweet! 

It's important to note that at this time, I made a huge, rookie parenting mistake. I did not question the middle child further. I did not look up, or even go to the hardware store, to see for myself what the middle child saw. I did not confirm the price. What I did do was wait until the week of Christmas to go get the present.

Five days before Christmas I was on my way to go purchase the one gift the kids could agree on getting Hubs. Before I left, I told the middle mini to look it up, so I had an idea what I would be getting. He quickly found it online and paused handing the phone to me, "um, mom...I guess it wasn't one hundred dollars." As I was putting my boots on, I glanced at his phone to see the price was well over $1,000. And it was NOT tool box, but a gigantic steel tool chest.

This one is on him and me. I should have asked more questions when he first brought the idea to me. I should have asked to see what he wanted to get. Needless to say, we did not get the $1,000+ chest and instead agreed on a waffle maker and card game because nothing else would arrive on time for Christmas.

Notes to self: don't wait until five days before Christmas to get a gift....and definitely question my children when they say they have found the perfect gift for only $100. Also, work on noticing the extra numbers after the 100.