Tuesday, December 20, 2022

First Weekend In December


We had big plans...and then had to change them when the two oldest minis had hours worth of homework. As I've been saying, this is life with big kids. We did carve out some time to go to the Christkindlmarket and to check out the walk-through light display in Urbandale with the minis. Then, Hubs and I grew bored watching two do their homework and listening to the youngest gossip on her phone with friends. So, we made use of our newfound freedom (after fourteen years) and snuck in a grocery shopping trip and drinks (coffee because we're old now).

Fresh stroopewafles, curry wurst, bratwurst, beer, and mulled wine. We also did some shopping, looked at Christmas trees, and heard music playing a tent. The hit of the afternoon was the dog, who was fed A LOT of food from complete strangers.

The middle mini wrote a 16+ page paper and waited until the day before it was due to decide he wanted it typed, which also led to major editing. Nine hours later he was done. I was sore from sitting on the couch with him most of the day, but it wasn't all bad. We snuggled kittens off and on, both of us got our jobs done, and we caught all the football games on TV. 

Look closely at the bottom of that chair and you can see a kitten head sticking out at us. It's their favorite spot.

I'm obsessed with our new couch. I love that it pulls out for extra space and sitting room. Or in this case, a place to fill with blankets and sleeping pets.

This new stage we find ourselves in is refreshing and odd. One minute the minis need me and the next they're off on their own. It's a really good stage to prepare me for when they leave the house, but it's so weird. When they're little, you're always on. There's no stopping because someone always needs you, 24/7. It's a lot of stop and go now and somehow, that's harder. It's like one minute you're completely relaxed and the next you have to be up and ready for whatever they throw at you. My own mother once told me that there's so many stages to parenting and each one comes with it's own obstacles. I've never felt that more than I have in the last few months.