Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Celebrating 34 (Early)

We had a very fun weekend celebrating my 34th birthday a bit early (it's next week if you keep track). At this point I'm simply counting down the days until our spring break adventure, so I'm trying to keep our weekends interesting. Saturday we enjoyed goodies at a local coffee shop and spent a few afternoon hours at the Des Moines Children's Museum. Sunday was our Sunday Family Fun Day. We had my beach themed birthday party with family and then went to the Art Center to see the newest exhibit Wanderlust. Having a beach themed birthday and the Wanderlust exhibit are both highly recommended.

Friday night shenanigans included playing board games and wrapping Elizabeth up like a baby. We're weirdly funny.

Reading. She's actually reading books and writing stories. You would think after three kids I would be used to this kindergarten transformation, but I'm still in awe of how much their little minds learn.

Saturday morning snowfall. The weather here has been so weird lately (but I guess normal for Iowa). We were literally watching a weather report online that said their would be no snowfall accumulations, when we looked out our front windows and saw the snow pile up rather quickly. As quick as it fell, it melted even quicker. By the time we left the house the snow was gone, the sun was out, and temps were decent. I'm so over winter weather.

And, of course, as we were walking out the door, I looked down and realized I had a black marker spot on my shirt from a mini. I went through a short disappointed stage, followed by a 'a should change my shirt quickly' thought, then an overall "screw it," and walked out the door. Spot and all. No one said a thing, so in my mind, no one saw it.

Our treats from Grounds For Celebration included black coffees, a mocha smoothie, berry smoothies, cinnamon rolls, and a mini champagne cake (for the kid that's always partying...that the middle mini for those who don't know).

Like father, like son.

Playing at the Children's Museum.

I was lucky enough to be surrounded by family, pina coladas, homemade vegetarian lasagna, and ice cream sundaes. The minis REALLY enjoyed the ice cream sundae bar.

 My husband thought he was hilarious for doing this in our pictures. As a result, I have no decent pictures.

After the beach party, we made a quick visit to the Des Moines Art Center. The minis were excited because the last art exhibit we went to was interactive. Wanderlust is not interactive, but they still enjoyed it. There was only one issue of running, followed by a round of tears, but then everything was just fine.

Apparently my kids know all about Dadaism and imparted their art knowledge on everyone who was within ear shot.

 Well, she did it herself.

Ending the weekend with taped nose because, you know, we're funny like that.

Only TWO more weekends until sunny Florida. We are all so ready for it!