Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Snowy Week

Last week was....interesting. For a variety of reasons. We started off the week with the play kitchen and play food (I do a weekly rotation of toys during the winter to keep the kids from going stir crazy). We haven't had either of these larger toys up since December. Needless to say, the kiddos were more than occupied "cooking," setting the tables, and having picnics. We even did a Valentine's craft and read our Valentine's books. Then, we switched gears for the rest of the week.

We got an unexpected snowstorm Monday during the day. The roads were so bad around our metro area that parents had a difficult time getting to my house to pick up kids! Despite the difficulties, I was happy to see the snow. We finally had enough measurable snow that we were able to spend the rest of our week doing our much anticipated snow activities that we haven't been able to do that past couple of years. 

As soon as it started snowing I set a bowl outside to catch the snow. This became our snow ice cream the next day.

The insanity continued the next day when our street never got plowed. My kids literally had to walk to school up hill in six inches of snow (but only four houses away, so it wasn't bad). However, once again, parents had trouble getting to our house for drop offs. The interesting weather continued the rest of the week with snow every day of the week.

Chocolate snow ice cream. We've used this recipe in the past, but this time around we added milk, sugar, and cocoa. The kiddos loved it!

Snow painting. This time I added a bit of white paint to the snow, mixed it around, and let the kids paint on construction paper. 

Winter fashions: socks with my flip flops. I wear my flip flops year round, but the ground was  bit chilly with all of the freshly fallen snow. For the record, I did not wear these in public.

We treated the minis to a trip to the grocery store after conferences (yes, this is a treat for them since we typically have groceries delivered). The boys bagged our groceries for us. They could use some more practice. On top of the weather being kind of crazy, we also had an incredibly busy week with meetings, conferences at school, and more meetings. I'm happy this week is past us.

The fun (and cold!) sensory bin brought the snow into us. Read about our sensory fun here.

Finally Friday night and another round of snow. The boys did the hot pepper challenge for ALS (long story. The video will follow shortly). Let's just say the middle mini rocked it, the big one only took one small bite, and the youngest sat crunching her mini sweet peppers to claimed she did it too.

Despite being one to not love winter, I was very happy to do our snow activities and even happier to go sledding over the weekend (a first in a couple of years thanks to mild winters).