Saturday, June 19, 2021

The Weekly Musts

Usually it's Friday Faves or something like that, but naturally, it's been a crazy week. So, Friday Favorties has become the weekly musts for today. 

  • I only had a handful of daycare kiddos on Friday, so Chick Fil A Family Meals were the perfect meal solution when some of our lunch items were still frozen (read about that drama here).
  •  To go along with our fun lunch, the kids asked to watch Luca. They've been waiting for it to come out on Disney+ and it wasn't a premiere access movie, so of course, it was a no brainer.
  • Strawberry picking was a must this week, since we hadn't done it in years. Of course, more kids cried than happily picked the berries, but #memories.
  • I tried watching Mad Men a few years ago and couldn't get into it. Now I'm in love! 
  • The youngest got her ears pierced last week and I can't recommend Prysm Body Piercing enough! They were fantastic!
  • When we visit National Parks, we buy water bottles. It can be an odd thing to collect, but we use a lot of water bottles! Of course, we've gotten to a point where we don't need many more water bottles, so these Parks stickers are a great replacement to put on exhisting water bottles.
  • Greenwood Park Sprayground. Still our favorite, minus that it can get slippery every now and then in spots. 
  • The minis do 15 minutes of math daily, so they signed up for this Khan Academy 15 Minutes A Day challenge to hopefully win prizes.
  • It's definitely not one of the expsenive models, but this bouncy seat is used daily and the daycare baby loves it. In my experience, the no frills things are usually the best and this is that.
  • Harrison got a candy bouquet for his dance recital performance. It was adorable, but the cutest part about it is that he refuses to eat it! The candy bouquet will likely be around for awhile. I found some cute and easy how to videos to make them too. We'll likely be giving them out as birthday gifts for friends because they're a hit!