Friday, June 4, 2021

Friday Faves


On this first Friday of official summer vacation (let's be honest, our summer pretty much started at the beginning of May when we left for our Texas road trip), I'm thankful for these things that have helped get me through the week and made things go as smoothly as could be expected. I would love to say that I'm sharing this and then headed into a weekend of relaxation, but the complete opposite is true! We're beginning what is known as "the month from hell," or "birthday month," or "dance recital month," or "busiest freaking month ever." You choose what we go with, but you get the idea. 

Nothing like asking summer to be kind one minute (read that one here) and then just diving in. 

1.) With our house once again filled for the summer, silverware always seems to be in short supply around here. I purchased a cheap silverware set from Walmart with last weekend's grocery order. Now we're no longer running out of clean silverware, but the kids actually prefer the cheap set to our other! Apparently it's lightweight and easier to use than our nicer set. 

2.) Love, love, love the movie Cruella! I didn't have big hopes for it, but I fell in love with it when we viewed the movie via Disney+ last weekend. The soundtrack is also phenomenal!

3.) I know I tell you about this every single mosquito season, but seriously, Bug Soother is amazing for our bugs here in the Midwest. Admittedly, this all natural spray did nothing for us in Texas, but it's like magic here in the Midwest.

4.) Summer is here and that means popsicles, mud kitchens, and water balloon fights! I'm happy I got these simple, reusable water balloons last year. No little bits of balloons all over the yard and the fun doesn't stop once all of the balloons have been thrown because all you have to do is dip them in water and they're good to go!

5.) Today is National Donut Day. That means donuts all day long! 

6.) Donut Day today, free fishing weekend is up next! Check out this out if you're looking for places to go.

7.) A daycare mom and friend gave me a bottle of mango moscato. It is the perfect summer drink and best way to end the week.