Friday, June 18, 2021

Simple Best Days

The excitement of simple days means good naps!

There are MANY things you discover after having kids that no parenting books go over. One of these things is how hard kids can be on things. Your things, in particular. For the fourth time this year (yes, this year), the kids left the refrigerator door open, some part frosted over, and the refrigerator took 2 1/2 days to defrost and begin cooling properly. In an effort to keep the food from going bad (and to help thaw things out), we turned the freezer way down and moved the food we had in the freezer (which wasn't a lot) to the deep freeze in the basement. This was the perfect solution because I moved all of our fresh fruits and vegetables to the freezer, that was keeping the food just slightly colder than the refrigerator would have if the door hadn't been left open.

Now, I have a saying in my house: If it's not the husband, it's the kids. If it's not the kids, it's the cats. If it's not the husband, kids, or cats, it's the dog. If it's not the kids, cats, or dog, it's the husband. Well, this time it was the husband who so kindly turned up the freezer when he realized the refrigerator was cool again and everything had defrosted. He turned it up....without removing the food I had put in there. I'll simply say, unfrozen salad mix is gross.

So, here I am Friday at lunchtime and items for lunch were still frozen and our vegetables were disgusting. What does one do? 

We have the husband who inadvertedly ruined the food make a Chick Fil A run, declare it a "movie picnic" for lunch, and all is right. The kids claimed it was "the best Friday ever!" I love how a bump in the road and such simple things can make it the best day for kids.