Monday, June 14, 2021

Recharging Days


Busy weekends and a busy week left us in need of some recharging. We were tired and run down. Resting was at the top of our list, but we had some fun too. On Friday morning, the minis and I played at Greenwood Park Sprayground. This marked our first visit to one of our favorite parks in nearly two years! Friday evening and all of Saturday were dedicated to dance performances (read about that here), so that left us Sunday. We slept in, picked up groceries, grilled, rode bikes, played in the sprinkler, had squirt gun fights, dyed the youngest's hair, AND did chores. For a Slow Down Sunday, it wasn't exactly slow!

From the water to the playground then back to the water.

Chick Fil A for lunch, a quick nap, then getting recital ready!

The oldest mini had his own plans nearly all weekend long, so Sunday morning was quiet with only two minis (and a dog). We ordered breakfast to go and practiced bike riding, although that didn't last long. They were sweating with their helmets on and quickly decided to be done with bikes.

A quick afternoon art project and hair dying.