Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Current Trend: 2 Cups Of Coffee A Day


I'm a one cup of coffee a day gal. Sometimes, on longer days, I treat myself to Starbucks or one of the fun drinks from a coffee shop. Coffee gets me through a lot. It's comfort, confidence, and energy all in one cup. Smelling my cup brewing each morning calms me. For the last year, as a pandemic raged on, that one cup of coffee kept me going. Occasionally, I snuck in cup number two (especially on those busy homeschool days!) to keep me going. 

Now that daily life has picked up again, my one cup has easily become two each day. Three busy weekends in a row have kicked my ass. By Sunday, I felt like a brick that shouldn't people anymore. I'm telling myself that it's how I'm building my stamina back up. The stamina that keeps me going from here to there and back again. That lets me take crazy road trips and day trips, fitting more into a day than anyone thought possible. Apparently the pandemic took that away from me as well because my two cups of coffee a day is what's truly getting me through!