Saturday, June 5, 2021

Donut Day Celebration


It all started a few years ago when we did a donut day the first Friday of summer vacation. Much to my surprise, I learned it was actually National Donut Day and daycare has insisted on celebrating each year since then. We typically do it the same way each year: donuts for breakfast, make our own donuts for morning snack, and put together a "donut shop" in the daycare room. This year, we aimed for doing it differently.

The bigs LOVE all baking shows and asked if they could be "donut judges." So, thanks to daycare families and my husband for running around the night before, we got donuts from Hurts Donuts, Donut Hut, Krispy Kreme, and Walmart Bakery. They tried pieces of donuts from each place and judged them based on texture, looks, and taste. Hurts won, followed by Donut Hut, then Walmart, with KK coming in last.

We also did a donut eating competition. The kids picked their mini donut and were timed for how long it took them to eat it. Check out that score board:

By the end of it, everyone was sugared up with full and slightly sore bellies! They ran off the sugar and by the afternoon, requested their usual "donut shop" play. I whipped up a batch of salt dough and watched them use the play food to create a donut restaurant.

And with that, I hope to not see or eat another donut for a very long time!