Thursday, June 24, 2021

Harrison's Birthday Celebrations


My kids love deciding what we do and eat on their birthdays. It's a highlight, especially because we get to celebrate at daycare. June is pretty much one big party to them! For the first time ever, Harrison planned a very laid back birthday. He had his menu planned since May, but as far as activities go, he didn't have many requests. We brought out the Waffle Blocks in the backyard for a bit, but most of his day was spent reading and building his new Lego set. 

A quick cuddle session on the couch before daycare began.

His breakfast choice was cereal. I don't serve cereal for breakfast often because the kids seem to be hungry right after eating it, but obviously it's allowed on birthdays!

I meant to snap a picture of the cupcakes, but instead snapped a selfie...which Harrison said was good because it was National Selfie Day. I later opened by photos on my phone and discovered an unreal amount of selfies of my children.

Waffle blocks and Kinetic sand are still a hit after all these years!

Harrison's requested birthday treat: brownie on the bottom, chocolate chip cookie dough, a layer of hot fudge, and topped with a cookie dough ice cream. 

Ramen noodles, mixed veggies, and strawberries for lunch. Harrison was thrilled he got to finish off the pot of ramen!

We still did math and reading, as requested by the birthday boy. He's trying hard to finish the last Harry Potter book, so there was a lot of reading happening on his birthday.

Afternoon snack was yogurt parfaits. Usually I only offer berries, bananas, granola, and occasionally Cheerios with their yogurt parfaits, so all of the kids were thrilled to see M&M's and (vegan) chocolate chips to the parfait choices!

It took him a total of 3 hours to finish his Attack On The Burrow Lego set.

Mishap at dinner. He got a bit too into his pho and splattered it everywhere.

Harrison's birthday was also the start of swimming lessons. We made the night a family affair. While Elizabeth was at her lessons, the boys, dog, and I hiked around Greenwood Park. It was a gorgeous evening! More than anything, Harrison was excited to NOT be the one in charge of picking up the dog poop!

Last pictures of his first day as an 11 year old. He still sleeps with no less than a dozen blankets, 5 pillows, a robe, and a sweatshirt "just in case." I'm not sure what the just in case is for, but he's prepared for it!

The highlights of his day were drinking the rest of the ramen out of the pan, eating pho for dinner, and going to swimming lessons (he liked this because not only did they play games, but he was also better at the breast stroke than his older brother, so that automatically made his highlight reel). It was a perfect day for an 11 year old!