Sunday, June 13, 2021

Never Grow Up Attitude

My soon-to-be 13 year old via 2010. Yes, that's a child's picnic table in my house.

I was sitting in my children's dance recital when one of the senior's began their ballet routine to Taylor Swift's song Never Grow Up. I am not the good Swifty my daughter is, so I can't say that I've actually ever paid attention to this song when it's on. However, sitting in a theatre, watching a performance, it's kinda hard not to hear the words and think about them. 

At first I teared up as I listened to the lyrics. I realized as we traipsed through Texas last month, we weren't the family with small children anymore. No one stopped us and reminded us that we had our hands full. Instead, they stopped us and asked us questions about our dog. He was now the hit of our life song. My kids are growing up. The years are passing. It can be bittersweet when I see pictures of them struggling to finish a one mile hike or when traveling three hours was our road trip limit or when nap times determined our entire life schedule. 

When I speak to older parents you always hear "enjoy them when they're little." I have, I did, I do. But I also enjoy them growing up. I've loved having a front row seat all these years, especially this past year. I got to be there for it all. I was able to experience every part of them growing up. I love having kids and watching them grow. 

Sure, occasionally I miss those little voices of the past, but more than anything, I love seeing them grow from tiny humans to their own persons. That is the most rewarding thing of all as a parent. I absolutely do not understand a 'never grow up' mentality because that means you're missing out on so many glorious things and feelings. Perhaps one day, when my kids are gone and grown, my house quiet, I'll rethink things. For now, I'll enjoy them growing up.