Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Elizabeth's 9th Birthday


The "baby" turned 9! As is customary, the birthday gal or guy gets to choose what food is eaten throughout the day, what activities there will be, etc. Elizabeth didn't have specific activities requested, so daycare got to do their favorite recyclable building in the backyard. She did, however, have very detailed requests for the rest of the day, right down to what she wanted her cake to say!

Last picture as an 8 year old!

All three minis wanted new bikes, so they all got them on Elizabeth's birthday. The boys haven't had bikes in years and Elizabeth has never had the desire to ride one (let alone own one), so this will be an interesting adventure: re-teaching the boys how to ride a bicycle and teaching a nine year old.

The kids were thrilled we saved some huge boxes for them to use. They turned them into cars and pretended to ride in them.


Last week, she hit us with, "after my dance recital is done, I want teal hair." So, we got her teal hair color as a small gift. She was more excited about that than the bike!

Elizabeth insisted her cake read: Happy Birthday We Love You! She also insisted on waffle dippers (frozen waffles with pepperoni and cheese baked on top, then dipped in pizza sauce on the side) for lunch. She went to get a picture with the last one, but the dog ate it out of her hand!

Elizabeth peered through the window, "what's going on in there on my birthday?"

Her favorite Chinese food for dinner followed by a lot of bike riding.

Grandparents came in the evening and bikes were ridden until the sun went down. Elizabeth made sure to polish off the cake, right out of the pan, as she reaccounted the favorite parts of her day. I *think* it was a good day because she (clearly) had no complaints! It sure seemed like a great 9th birthday celebration day!