Sunday, June 13, 2021

Recital Week(end)

The last week was stressful. I could tell you all about it again and again, but since I already wrote about it (read about that here) I'll share with you the source of my stress: recital week. The week was long, beginning with pictures one weekend, extra rehearsals, followed by three days of rehearsals, followed by two days of recitals. Did I mention there was a birthday celebrated in there too? 

The week was exhausting. Thank goodness I took Friday off to recharge a bit. I made sure I slept in and took a nap in the afternoon. Then it was on. Recital time! 

10 months of spending two nights a week at the dance studios and it all comes down to two days of performances.

We're not the parents that bring flowers. We promised a stop at our favorite local ice cream shop, but they were closed by the time the show was done. Instead, we brought home an entire sack full of different ice creams for the dancers and the rest of the family.

A good night of sleep before we were putting make up back on for the matinee performance. We only had two and a half hours in between the matinee and evening performances, but they didn't mind one bit! They LOVE recital weekend.

Flowers and a candy bouquet from Grandma and Grandpa Harmeyer.

The oldest mini had his own things going on all weekend, so mom missed out on the Saturday evening performance, but Elizabeth happily went to cheer on her brother and watch "the big girls." I'm told she eagerly watched the point and solo dances.

The stress of the week became a distant memory as soon as I saw the excitement for their performances. I even partook in their excitement as they discussed NEXT dance season and what classes they'd like to take. I'm looking at the stressful recital week as something I must go through each year for them, so they can enjoy something they love. I am so beyond proud of them! I could care less how well they did during their performances, but it truly makes the stressful week worth it when their excitement and love for dance is palpable.