Friday, June 25, 2021

Father's Day Weekend

Who else struggled to get those decent Father's Day photos?? I'm waving my hands wildly in the air over here. I failed to get a cute picture of them strawberry picking, none of our brunch on Sunday, and we attempted a few at the water park, but the minis were more focused on spending time with a friend they ran into. We did a lot over Father's Day weekend and overall, it was a good weekend. The reality of the weekend was that there were tears, time spent apart because we had different things going on, and very few pictures captured.

Not every weekend can be picture perfect, but here's what we did manage to capture:

Strawberry picking at Iowa Orchard required reservations that I made earlier in the week. No one in my family cared to listen to me that we had reservations and we nearly missed our time slot. The berries themselves were wonderful! We picked a lot with very little effort. Of course, the oldest (as in, the almost 13 year old) broke down first because it was hot, he had to lean down to pick the berries, and a series of other complaints I drowned out. Then the youngest stopped picking because "it's a lot of work." She offered me pats on the back while I leaned over and picked all of our berries. The middle one was a trooper for most of it.

Somehow, even through all of that, they talked me into mini apple cider donuts and strawberry slushies from the concession stand. I hadn't had my morning coffee yet, so as we made our way to the nearest drive thru coffee shop, the minis declared the berries the best they've ever had and they look forward to strawberry picking next summer. That statement was a little too soon for me after listening to them complain for the last hour!

The oldest: "I'm not smiling."

Errands were ran, Father's Day gifts and cards were dropped off, I went out for a dinner with friends, and the minis went to a pool party. 

No one could agree on where to get breakfast from Sunday morning, no one wanted me to make biscuits and gravy, so we settled on bagels from Panera. It wound up being the perfect breakfast! We haven't had Panera bagels in so long and they hit the spot. Plus, we ate our fresh strawberries from the orchard and I surpised everyone with Panera cookies. 

Our favorite place to spend summer days: Adventure Bay water park. They swam right into a friend and spent the rest of the time talking and swimming.

Sunday evening we had to do chores and repair the curtain rod and curtains after the dog panicked in his kennel while we were gone. That was a fun surpise to come home to, but there's never a dull moment in our lives, so not shocking. It wasn't a perfect weekend in the least, but we'll likely remember it for it's imperfections.