Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Dance And Fishing Weekend

This was a BUSY weekend for us. There were hours upon hours of dance pictures for the two youngest minis, a stop by the water park (because we needed to have some fun after sitting through pictures), and a birthday party. By Sunday afternoon we were exhausted! I suppose this is how we'll be feeling the next few weeks!

After three hours Friday night and (over) two hours Saturday spent getting pictures taken at the dance studio, we were ready for some fun! It had been 22 months since we were last in our favorite water park. It was so good to be back! We swan, had a drink or two, floated in the lazy river, ate dinner, and had a wonderful time. It finally feels like it's actually summer!

Despite being exhausted, we woke up early Sunday morning to celebrate the mini's birthdays with family at Raccoon River Park. By 8 a.m. we had eaten breakfast pizza and taken a dip in the lake. By 9 a.m. the minis were fishing (I walked the dog). That was all fun, but most of all, it was wonderful to spend time with family we hadn't seen since Christmas Eve for a few minutes to hand out presents. 

I can't believe I missed Elizabeth's face when she first saw they get a behind-the-scenes tour with the rhinos at the Zoo! She was shocked and now hasn't stopped talking about it!

Kayakers, paddle boards, canoes. I really surprised he didn't try to chase them down in the water!

A Sunday night picture before bed, otherwise known as her last night as an 8 year old!

I took a nap Sunday afternoon, so I had energy to stay up, bake a cake, and set out birthday gifts. An hour after going to bed, I checked on the kids. The boys and dog were snoring. Meanwhile, Elizabeth was sitting up in bed with one of her new toys hanging on her ear (yes, her ear), changing the settings of her new nightlight with the remote. It was a sight I had to laugh at before telling her to go to sleep so I could too!

New bikes! Hubs spent a good portion of Sunday adjusting seats and gears, so they were ready to ride on Monday.