Thursday, June 3, 2021

A Letter To Summer


Dear Summer,

Let's have a talk please. I want you to be kind. Not like a 'be kind to my body in a swimming suit' kind, but a gentle kind. We spent the last fourteen months in this weird spot. There hasn't been a normal, so when we kicked off summer in a more normal fashion over the weekend, it was a bit much. It was as if I was thrown back into the world and completely forgot what it was like. Please bring us kindness as we re-emerge ourselves. We have a bucket list of things we want to do this summer. Please be kind and don't let the busy days get the best of us. 

For the first time in over a year, we're all excited for what's to come. Please be kind and give us a crowded house full of happy children. Let them play outside all day long with no worries. Let them get muddy, and wet from a sprinkler, and into trouble for weird things adults wouldn't even think would be an issue. Truly, as much as it makes me want to pull my hair out, those moments have been some of my favorites. 

Please be kind and give us cook outs with friends, neighbors, and maybe even strangers. Let the days drag on, the sunshine flow on our skin, and our bodies take it all in. Summer, please be kind and let us enjoy you to the fullest. This is all I ask of you, Summer 2021. Let us love you in all the ways.