Monday, May 31, 2021

A Day In Chicago


It's been a hot minute since we've stepped foot in this city we all love. We knew before visiting that some things were still closed and we were limited in what we could do anyway because we had the dog with us. However, things worked out well for us! Our main reason for visiting the city was to see friends, so we spent just enough time downtown to walk around and enjoy the empty streets. Then, Matt and the minis went to Lincoln Park Zoo, while Zeus and I went to hang out with friends. It was all perfect!

It was a bit of a shock to go from Iowa, where things have been wide open for a long time (Iowans like to pretend there is no pandemic happening) to Chicago, where the playgrounds aren't opened yet. The minis were disappointed because they had hoped to play at their favorite, Maggie Daly Park, but it was an exeprience to walk through Millennium Park and Grant Park with very few people around. 

Many things that can be touched are gated off from the public. We also learned that Millennium Park isn't pet friendly, so while the minis saw Cloud Gate (which was a must "because we see it every time we're here!"), Zeus and I walked up and down Michigan Avenue.

Harrison, pointing out the Harrison Hotel.

While still free, Lincoln Park Zoo requires reservations, masks, and a one way path through the zoo. Quite a few buildings aren't open to the public, but they were still able to view a great deal of the animals. All Museums (that are open, at least) are on a reservation system as well. 

We couldn't be in Chicago without getting Chicago style pizza. We had Lou Malnati's delivered to my friend's house and sat on the patio eating and chatting, with kids and dog.