Monday, May 31, 2021

Welcome Back To Summer

Last summer, summer 2020, didn't feel like summer. There was no visit to the amusement park, no events or markets, no cookouts with friends and family, no swimming. Don't get me wrong, it was a fun summer because it was the "summer of puppy," but we were soooo happy to begin our summer this Memorial Day weekend in a more normal fashion. 

We went to Adventureland, we had a dinner with family, I went to a bridal shower and spent time with people I hadn't been able to in over a year! It feels refreshing and oh-so needed. Of course, since "normal" is back in, we're beginning June as we usually do: busy. Busy with birthday celebrations, dance rehearsals and recitals (three of them this year!), and swimming lessons. It's a bit much to get thrown back into, if I'm being completely honest. To have something going on every day in June might be exhausting, so I'm keeping our July open...more for my mental health than anything else. Overall though, it felt GOOD to be able to ring in the summer season as we have in the past.