Sunday, May 2, 2021

Easy Like Sunday Morning


Typical Sunday late morning: kids trying to clean, vacuum, and sweep while the dog does nothing to help. This is Zeus guarding the tent so we don't pick it up to vacuum. He wasn't done playing with it.

Sunday has long been my favorite day of the week. I don't know exactly why. Is it the start of the new week? Because of #SundayFunday? When the minis were itty bitty, we had Sunday Family Fun Days because it was the only day of the week that both my husband and I had off. Maybe that's the start of it. Regardless, Sunday mornings in particular are my favorite.

I sleep in. I turn on CBS Sunday morning as I wake up in bed. I make myself coffee. Strong, always strong. We make brunch (or sometimes order brunch for delivery). My husband and I take in Face The Nation and have our weekly political discussion. Then we're off.

We prep for the week ahead. We clean. Candles are lit, baking is done, filling our home with sweet smells. We eat an early dinner on Sundays and enjoy a relaxing night. We no longer have to rush the minis off to bed because homeschool is amazing like that. 

We've adopted a mantra for this day: Slow Down Sundays. The day of the week where we have little to nothing planned. It's a day of rest, enjoyment in the little things around us, a day of prepration, a day to do these projects that get put off. A day to have time, even a little, to ourselves.

I sit here on this Sunday night ready for a week unlike any other. Mid-week we'll leave for a our first ever Epic Pandemic-Style Road Trip. It should be interesting. We've finished up our homeschool curriculum and will be doing some free schooling while on the road. 

I've managed to prepare for it all on this easy Sunday. I'm ready to face an exciting and crazy week thanks to Slow Down Sundays.