Saturday, May 15, 2021

Welcome Back To Reality

It's not exactly easy to go from sledding down sand dunes to policies and guidelines.

Nothing like being slapped back into reality. Slapped hard at that. We spent the last ten days with no WiFi and limited accessibility to internet. When we did have the internet, I can assure everyone we were not checking the latest news or gossip on social media. We had no idea what local, national, or worldwide news was bringing. This is highly unusual for me and us as a family. It was refreshing though.

Of course, when we finally were able to catch up on a week's worth of news today, imagine my surprise when we learned of people putting gas in plastic bags (I don't even want to know what international news stations are saying about America right now), new CDC guidelines, and...oh, yeah, new Iowa Department of Health guidelines that go directly against CDC guidelines.

And just like that my vacation came to an end. I now get to spend my last day and a half of "vacation" working and securing my own business policies. That is NOT how I wanted to spend my last day of vacation. Sometimes being a business owner sucks. It's especially sucked bad during the pandemic. A lot of perks, like taking vacations whenever I want (and can afford them). But then there's that welcome back to reality afterwards that isn't always great.