Monday, May 31, 2021

It All Started With The Bookshelves

 It all started with the bookshelves in the daycare room. They were falling apart. In all fairness to these shelves, I bought them over four years ago for $20 at Target the day we moved into our house. That they've last this long is amazing. I was going to take them apart over the weekend, but I was feeling extra energized on Thursday. Not only did I reorganize 6 book cases filled with books and 2 tubs filled with board books, but I took apart the two bookshelves, cleaned, and reorganized the entire daycare room.

I thought our long weekend would be the perfect time to summer-ize the daycare and homeschool rooms, but apparently Thursdays are the day for that. The best part of this wasn't actually getting it all done, while also holding daycare (that part is just amazing in all honesty). No, the best part was the three hour nap time out of the littles. 

You ask, why?

Well, I too was surprised by the extra long naps, so I inquired about it when I woke them all up. Two girls responded, "the book shelves being gone made us tired." So, I did all of the work, they spent the morning watching my every move (while also playing, eating snacks, and asking questions here and there), and they were the ones who were exhausted. That one gave me a good laugh!

So, what needed to be changed around for summer? Well, first of all, more seating! Lots of kiddos here for summer, means we need more seats and plenty of table space for playing, sensory activities, etc. Defined centers were added, such as the play kitchen area, tools and building, a new (from the basement storage area) book cases with books that will be rotated every few weeks), and small play. While we were at it, we changed up the basement homeschool room as well. We took away a desk space, added a book shelf (also from the basement storage area) with new chapter books, and added in Legos and Polly Pockets. The idea is to give the bigger kids (ages 8 - 12) their own space to play and hang out this summer. 

I go through a big rearrange before each summer and fall, but this may take the cake. Doing the entire thing during daycare AND getting it all done successfully in one (unexpected) day!