Saturday, May 1, 2021

Tapping Out This Afternoon


I didn't tap out before I got my first tan lines of the season.

It's nearly 90 degrees, sunny, a breeze in the air. It feels like my perfect summer day. My kids are with neighbor friends running through a sprinkler, coming in and out of the house to grab this or that; likely to be lost in someone's yard. I have my bedroom window cracked to listen to their laughter. It feeds my soul. I have a ridiculously long To Do List for this weekend. I kick a pile of clothes off the bed. They were supposed to be getting packed neatly into suitcases right about now.

I roll over to my right side. My left side isn't cutting it apparently. I could be out enjoying the day, much like I did this morning with a group hike with friends. I could be making a good dent in my To Do List since no one was currently bothering me. Instead, I'm laying in bed, taking in episode 3 of The Handmaid's Tale. I thought there were 4 episodes in the current season released, so I'm mildly (okay, more than mildly, but I didn't hit the tears-in-my-eyes stage about it) upset that I'll have to wait another few days.

Without realizing it, I was done for the week. I was tapped out, so I tapped out for a good portion of the day. It hadn't been a bad week in the least. It was shaping up to be a good weekend. It started out great, with a decent (but hot) hike with friends. I even had my favorite coffee to start my day. But that feeling came over me mid-day. The one where I feel like I havent' slept all week, that my To Do List was too much. I suddenly needed a break.

The best thing I've ever done for myself was learn to listen to my body and soul. I took my break. Nothing got done today. In fact, I didn't even cook the dinner I was going to. I listened to myself, took my break, laid in my bed, took a long shower, and lazily placed my grocery order for pick up. Tomorrow. Because today I needed to tap out for a while. I did and I'm better for it.

Tomorrow I'll likely be scrambling to finish my To Do List, do chores, and prep for the week ahead. However, I'll likely face the scrambling more successfully (fingers crossed) because I took the break when I needed it. I didn't wait for a needed break to break me. Never underestimate the power in listening to your body and mind. 

This wasn't the day I had in mind at all. But it turned into a perfect day that I needed.