Saturday, May 29, 2021

Love This Stage of Life

 I love this stage. They're still little enough they like to sit on the same couch with me and share a bowl of popcorn, with a few smartass comments from the (almost) teenager. They still love family movie nights and Sunday Family Fun Days. Yet they're old enough to enjoy the Friends Reunion and Cruella. We're no longer stuck beginning movie night at 5 p.m., so we can make a 7:30 bedtime. They're still young enough to want to see the newest animated movie, but also getting old enough to enjoy a scary movie. We can do longer hikes, but not too long (or there's A LOT of complaining). We can avoid meltdowns in meals or snacks are later than usual and we don't have to worry about nap times. 

I know many parents who say to enjoy the toddler years because it's a special time. It is and there is something so magical and fun about that time, but I'll miss these ages the most. The time in their lives where they're actually helpful with chores, want to spend time with mom and dad, and we can enjoy some of the same things. I wish these years could last, take their time in passing because I truly love it.