Saturday, May 15, 2021

2 Acres Of Bliss


When choosing our perfect stay(s) on vacations, nine times out of ten I turn to Airbnb. I'm able to choose the kind of house or property we'd prefer, pet friendly, amenities, etc. When we travel as a family, I prefer to have a laundry room on site, obviously plenty of beds, and decent furniture to relax on. With our latest adventure, I had to add pet friendly into the mix. We weren't extremely picky about the areas we stayed in either: Austin, Hill Country, San Marcos, San Antonio, etc. I just happened to nail down a blissful property in Cedar Creek, outside of Austin. 

What drew me to the property is that it was large, two acres to be exact, pet friendly, and big enough for five humans and a large dog. Also, a washer and dryer (that was used A LOT). What we didn't know until we arrived was that this acreage was waaayyyy back in a rural area. A no WiFi rural area. But that was okay with us because there was so much to do!

Our neighbors had farms that had horses, llamas, alpacas, sheep, goats, mules, ducks, swans, geese, and dogs. So many dogs. Our dog, Zeus, was in heaven! As were the minis, who joyfully ran around the yard, exploring, riding on the tire swing, and catching lizards. The only downside were the mosquitos, who didn't seem to care one bit about any of the bug sprays we tried out. 

My favorite thing to see was the neighbor's dogs rushing to the fence line as soon as our front door opened or they saw our car pull into the driveway. Then they called to Zeus to come over.

We all enjoyed relaxing in the tub. I did not enjoy the dog trying to get into it with me!

There was much needed relaxing at this house...and dancing, movie watching (on DVD! This is the first time in a LONG time that we haven't streamed a movie to watch it!), coffee drinking, shoes piled by the door, and homeschool lessons.

Morning coffee and evening runs through the acreage.

This place was even horse friendly! There was a stable and fenced in section just for horses. The neighbor across the street had numerous horses that they rode down the street every night. 

Whataburger on the recliner. Whataburger was loved so much by these two that we had it TWICE during our ten day vacation.

While on our road trip, we began a unit on Greek mythology (an introductory unit, as we'll be starting next homeschool year by learning different mythologies). We decided to watch the movie Troy after reading about the Trojan horse.

On our last night at the ranch, the dog discovered the dog shaped door stop. My 85 lbs. fierce black dog barked at it...and then hid behind me as he barked at it. Guard dog he is not!

We had a porch lizard. He was there every time we stepped outside. He scurried away each and every time, but then came right back to his perch.

We left the ranch just in time, as storms were moving in.

The mosquito bites were worth it! I am now convinced we need a ranch to run around on!

** If you're interested in this property, here is the listing.