Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Breakfast Pancake Tacos


We're fans of breakfast tacos or burritos around here. We always buy tortillas to stuff with our breakfast favorties: eggs, cheese, chorizo, sausage, bacon, peppers, onions, etc. I failed in grocery shopping for the beginning of the week and only bought one package of our favorite tortillas, which were being saved for lunch roll ups. I was going to do simple breakfast tacos, but then I got creative.

Using a box of pancake mix (nothing special, simply a Great Value box of buttermilk pancake and waffle mix) I had in my cupboard, I made pancakes. I added extra water so they would be thinner pancakes. Then, we used those thin pancakes as our tacos and stuffed them full! I didn't have as many toppings as I typically do for breakfast tacos, but what we had worked wondefully in the pancake tacos.

Stuffing for pancake tacos:

  • maple sausages
  • turkey bacon
  • scrambled eggs

Other stuffing ideas:

  • berries
  • whipped cream
  • jam or cream cheese

I added maple syrup into the pancake batter because I didn't want the mess of kids pouring syrup all over their tacos and then trying to eat them! This worked well and it added a sweetness to the batter. The sweetness of the pancake with the saltiness of the breakfast meats was amazing! I haven't eaten a sausage in years, but I most definitely ate two in my pancake taco.