Monday, May 3, 2021

Early Mother's Day Celebration

Since we'll be gone over Mother's Day weekend, we celebrated a weekend early. Friday night, Hubs and I met another couple and had drinks on a patio. On Saturday we went hiking with a group of friends at Jester Park. It was a much needed few hours with people we love, catching up and talking about the future. I spent the rest of Saturday relaxing and watching season 4 of The Handmaid's Tale. It was glorious! Meanwhile, the minis spent the 90 degree day outside with neighbor friends, running through sprinklers, and eating ice cream. Even though we did different things, I think we'd all agree that it was a great day.

Sunday was my day to get my To Do List done. We packed, cleaned, and ended the day with an early Cinco de Mayo celebration at my parent's house. The dogs played, the kids played, and we left full of excellent food! 

I cannot recommend Lua Brewing enough. Last summer, a few friends and I were looking for a Covid-friendly restaurant to eat at. We ended up at Lua and were so impressed with them! We were still impressed last weekend. Masks are required anytime you're not at your table, eating or drinking. Ordering is done completely online, so there's very little contact with servers. Plus, their patio is amazing! We actually sat in the restaurant, but they have an entire wall that opens, so we were basically outdoor eating, but closer to the bathrooms!

The food is excellent as are the drinks. The menu seems to change every few months, so be aware that they likely won't have the same menu from one month or season to the next. 

We had planned on doing the Lakeshore Trail at Saylorville, but wound up seeing the bison, elk, and taking our favorite trail around. After our 2.5 mile hike, we had a picnic at a camp site near the trail. It was the perfect morning, other than the dog stealing a kid's wrap during lunch.

Playing the game: Will it all fit?? Zeus was confused about what we were doing. He's not so sure about this thing we're calling vacation because it seems like a lot of craziness!

Not our typical Sunday night, which is filled with cleaning. This time, we left Hubs at home to do the cleaning (because it's easier to do with no kids around) and had a Mexican feast at my parents house. The minis got goody bags filled with treats to bring on vacation with us. 

It clearly was a great weekend when the minis and dog sleep past 7:45 a.m. on a Monday!