Monday, May 10, 2021

A Day In San Antonio

Visiting San Antonio has been on my bucket list for years! In the initial planning stages of the trip, we were going to spend most of our time in SA, but we wound up staying in between Austin and SA. We loved Austin more than we thought we would, so we did a day trip to San Antonio. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but it was a fun, quick visit. We started our day with kolaches from a local Bakery in Bastrop, TX. Then we made the easy, but busy (traffic wise) into SA.

The 94 degree heat shone on us when we made our way through the crowds at the Alamo and Riverwalk. Both very touristy destinations, but are must sees. While I had been told that the Alamo is downtown, amongst the buildings, actually seeing it in such an environment was slightly disappointing. Zeus and I stayed outside the gates, while the minis went with their dad and walked the outside of the grounds. We did not go into the Alamo, which was just fine with us considering how crowded it was.

Two of the minis learned about the Alamo and the Missions this year in American History. When asked what they thought about the Alamo, they both said it would be better if it wasn't in the middle of the city.

The Riverwalk is directly across from the Alamo. To get there, you walk down stairs, through the bottom level of a hotel, and then out the door. Boom! There it is, along with crowds and crowds of people. Honestly, I was a bit worried about one of the kids falling into the river or accidentally getting pushed in by people rushing by. Our ultimate worry was trying to keep the dog from jumping in the water after the ducks! Restaurants, such as Dick's Last Resort, and retail shops line the Riverwalk.

We grabbed to go margaritas and bottles of water and walked a bit of it. We wound up spending majority of our time on the Riverwalk talking about the dog with people: "how old is he?" "Is he really all lab?" "Is he an English lab?" "He's so shiny!" "I had a lab growing up..." or "We have an English lab too..." We heard a crazy amount of stories about other people's labs! Overall, the Riverwalk was cool to see, not something I'd do again, and the dog was the star.

The minis decided they needed a break and wanted air conditioning, so we walked back to the car (several blocks away) to form a game plan for our afternoon. We decided we couldn't pass up the opportunity to check out the Historic Market Square, where we ate lunch, and took in the sites and sounds. This was much like a farmers market and had wonderful food vendors. We were told that usually there would be music playing, mariachi bands, and dancing, but there wasn't any of that when we were there.

The minis were thrilled and claimed it was one of the best farmers markets they've ever been to. I think it was a hit because it's been a year and a half since they've been at a farmers market (thanks to Covid)!


Mexican street corn, chicken and beef gorditas, and a box of churros rounded out lunch. It was all delicious! We've eaten a bizarre amount of street corn this road trip!

Zeus was waiting patiently for someone to drop something his direction!

Happy accident: we drove by the arena the Spurs play in. The parking lot is currently a mass vaccination site.

The sun and Texas heat were getting to us all, so we decided to visit only one of the Missions; Mission Conception. I didn't think the Mission was open, but it was! Hubs and the minis got to tour it while I waited outside with Zeus. 

While I'm thrilled we were able to visit San Antonio, it was not what I was expecting. I was honestly thinking it would be a wonderful cultural experience and it simply wasn't. Even the Market Square lacked an authenticity to it. I have not looked it up, but crime must be high in SA as well because there are signs EVERYWHERE about leaving anything in your vehicle, pick pocketing, etc. All of the areas around the big attractions had bars on the windows, along with a lot of booths set up on random street corners selling odd products. There was definitely a tourist city vibe in the air of the city and that's not our thing. I'm glad we went, but it's not the first place I'll think of when asked about Texas.