Friday, July 2, 2021

Max's 13th Birthday

The dog assumed that since this was "his boy's" day, obviously he was to be involved in it all. Notice the black puppy head in all of the pictures because he had to be RIGHT THERE next to Max all day long!

When you turn 13 you get everything you ask for, which included learning how to grill, an ice cream cake, swimming lessons, games, Mexican food, and surprises. He actually didn't have a lot of big asks, so we kept things simple and he said his day turned out great! Since we were back at another (unexpected) week of swimming lessons, Dad taught him how to grill the evening before his birthday. They had lessons on grill safety, cooking temps, and everything that goes with it. 

I surprised him with the game Throw Throw Burrito. Every few months my minis go on a board game kick and play them nonstop. Grandma and Grandpa surprised the minis with a new board game for Harrison's birthday, so they had a list of ones they wanted. They also received The One With The Ball game and have played both games all week long.

Notice Elizabeth's eye. There was already a burrito injury during the first round of the game.

Things the new 13 year old went along with, but wasn't overly enthused about: a birthday sash, posing for pictures, and a hallway filled with streamers just for him. No one was thrilled about these streamers. In fact, the littles at daycare claimed I changed things without letting them know! 

An ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. I have told my children they are now banned from getting ice cream cakes. The ice cream on the outside melted, but the inside was frozen solid. It was a mess and likely the most difficult thing I've ever cut!

I told the bigs to play Throw Throw Burrito in the basement so they wouldn't accidently hit the littles. Now they're banned from playing in the basement after someone tripped on the stairs trying to avoid a burrito. There's always something happening around here!

His favorite Mexican food followed by a night at the pool swimming. The minis suddenly LOVE swimming lessons and are obsessed with becoming excellent swimmers this summer. We've spent 11 days of the last 12 at the pool perfecting strokes and dives. While the day was full of amazingness, it wound up being his perfect birthday. I'd say that's pretty good for this mild teen.