Thursday, July 15, 2021

Sound Machines And Lumineers


[Our dog sleeps when the littles sleep during nap time. As soon as the nap mats come out, he chooses his spot on the floor (or couch, but don't tell Hubs that!)].

How do we signal it's time for naps or bedtime? With sound machines and the Lumineers blaring through our Alexa's. My teen and pre-teens all sleep with sound machines on at night. We can't travel without them. The one exception was camping on the beach this spring, but the waves roaring to the shore was our sound machine. The Lumineers thing began last summer when we got our pup, Zeus.

He had trouble settling down his first couple of nights at home. Looking back on it, I was full of stupidity and slept on the couch next to his kennel, which probably made it worse because he just wanted to be with someone. We would later put this to the test and moved him in with two of the minis, so he could always have someone to sleep with. But much like a child or baby, I knew he needed a sleep cue. I put on the softest music I could think of, but also not knock me out because I was up writing. I turned on the Lumineers, he went to sleep instantly, and I sang along with the music.

In those first few weeks, the Lumineers would be played whenever he needed a break. It was his cue to rest. Soon, he needed it at night. All night long. By fall, the littles at daycare would ask for "the music" to be played when it was nap time. Ironically, as soon as those first few notes come on, all littles lay down as does my dog. If I play something else, the kids and dog wake up...even from a dead sleep.

So, that's how I came to know every song the Lumineers have ever played, how furry and daycare kids sleep, and even how my own kids sleep. There's been a couple of trying nights in tight hotel rooms when the minis were so over listening to the Lumineers play as the dog snored, but we made it through. I jokingly told them that once the Lumineers start touring again, we'll ask for a dog friendly concert and all wear our jammies. The minis were not impressed with that idea, but likely because they're worried I'll follow through with that one!