Thursday, July 29, 2021

Baking Cookies In The Car WORKS!

I got my shock for the week yesterday at the end of our science experiment. It should be of no surprise, but a lot of things just don't work out. Whether it's recipes, activities, nap time, or life plans, things always seem to go awry. Usually the turn of events are humorous and many times work out better than planned.

Of course, I fully expected our attempt at baking cookies in the car under the hot sun to fail. I was picturing that time I attempted a cookie bowl recipe from Pinterest. My husband spent several hours cleaning the oven after the dough went everywhere and we never got our cookie bowls.

With 100+ degree temps on hand for Wednesday, I decided to put a science experiment to the test: can you bake cookies in a car? A few of the kids whipped up a package of Betty Crock oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I had sitting in the cupboard. I quickily slapped them on the tray, put them in my tightly sealed car that was in the sun, and let them go. I checked in on them every 2 hours. 6 hours later, our cookies were done!! I've never been so shocked about anything in my life! Okay, that's a lie, but nothing has shocked me more this week than our cookies actually baking!

The cookies were a bit gooey. Fully done, but more gooey than they would have been in the oven. My car smelled like baking cookies (unfortunately that smell has not lasted), the kids had a treat, and everyone asked when we could bake something else in the car. Thankfully, there's no more 100 degree days in our forecast, so I couldn't give them an answer for sure, but we will attempt it again at some point. Who knew I'd be using my car as an oven??!!?

** We did not use a cooking thermometer to see how hot the car actually got. Every time I checked on the cookies, I'd poke at the cookies and I opened one up to see how it was baking inside.