Tuesday, July 20, 2021

A Night I Want To Remember


We've been playing a lot of board games since Covid began. There's many nights we leave an hour to play games before bedtimes. Last night we played Scrabble. It's always been interesting playing with my children, who try for "naughty" words or words that aren't actually words. That part has gotten better as they age though. The words that aren't even words. The "naughty" words part has increased.

Of course, last night was a barrel of laughs. First, there was the oldest who tried to change the rules of the game and then argued with us when we told him he couldn't do that. We had to take a brief break from the game to compose ourselves....the oldest from frustration and the parents who needed a good laugh from the ordeal. Then in comes the middle mini, who wanted to keep letters and skip turns so he could spell a certain female body part because "that would be hilarious!" Then the youngest. She was fairly quiet up until the last few rounds. Suddenly she started to keep letters back too.

"I want to put 'motel' down!!" Except she didn't have an L, nor was their a spot she could put 'motel' on the board. Being helpful, Hubs took a look at her letters and told her of a word she could put instead.

Elizabeth broke down. Huge tears, frusterated as she yelled, "emote isn't even a word DAD!!!" I couldn't keep it together and had to excuse myself to the other room to laugh about the irony of that statement. When I came back into the room, Hubs had calmed her down and talked her into trading in one of her other letters in hopes she would get an L. He told her it was a long shot since there were a lot of letters in the bag, but she could give it a try. Now, can you guess what letter she dug out of that bag?? A freaking L!!!

Being the nice brothers they are, they put down words, so that when it was her next turn she would be able to spell 'motel.' Then we ended the game as to avoid any other outbursts or issues. Family game night was intense....and VERY memorable!

The way Elizabeth yelled out, "emote isn't even a word!" as she sobbed cracked me up. It reminded me of several years ago, on a road trip, she brought her giant stuffed owl she named Owlette. Harrison was messing around and tore Owlette's left wing. Upon seeing it happen, Elizabeth yelled out, "my Owlette," put face into her hands while she continued dramatically, "she's broken! Forever!" It was the way she said both statements that will be etched in my mind.