Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Fourth of July Weekend

In case it wasn't evident, we kept going and going all weekend long. It started with the end of week 2 of swimming lessons, a lot of swimming and activities in the middle, and ended with our own fireworks display. That was the highlight of the weekend. We used our Monday off as a recoup, catch-up day.

Thai food was a hit Friday evening for dinner. The youngest likes to think she can use chop sticks, but she definitely cannot. 

Saturday we went to Living History Farms old fashioned Independence Day celebration. They had different activities throughou the day, including a reading of the Declaration of Independence, a traveling medicine show, lawn games, coloring, and a baseball game played by 1850 rules. This included no gloves!! Before we went, we spent the morning shopping for fireworks. Fireworks were horribly overpriced this year, but this went down in price quite a bit, so we snagged it. 

One of the many reasons we love LHF is because it's pet friendly! Pets aren't allowed in buildings, but can go everywhere else. Sometimes it's hard to watch some of your humans go into a place you can't go, but he always receives TONS of pets from other visitors.

The medicine show is hilarious! We caught a shorter version of what is typically performed. The minis were disappointed some of their favorites, such as the schoolhouse, still can't be accessed (you can read about some of those experiences here).

It was a hot day (in case you couldn't tell by the tongue), so we stayed in the shade as much as possible.

The bug spray wasn't around in 1850, but we're so thankful for it! The sarsaparilla was good too.

We grabbed dinner (to go), rested a bit at home (for the dog's sake), and then went to the lake to go swimming. The minis practiced their swimming strokes, while the dog chased them in the water! 

Trying to get the picture vs. what we end up with. 

As we drove home from the lake (that's only 10 minutes from our house), I looked in the back and saw the dog wrapped in his beach towel. Actually, it wasn't even his towel, but mine! That's how these things go though. The oldest was annoyed the wet dog kept rubbing himself on the seat to dry off, so he wrapped him in the towel, which did the trick.

After showers and fights over the remaining ice cream sandwiches, there was an hour of sparklers, morning glories, pop its, and snakes. Snakes are by far their favorite to do. The dog and I watched from the window (because I don't trust him to not try to bite at a lit sparkler).

On Independence Day, the minis started the day in the living room theater watching In The Heights, while I did grocery pick ups. We spent our afternoon at a nearby pool. The minis went straight from the pool and hours on the giant slip n' slide, giant hot dogs with cheese and bacon, and our very own fireworks show! It was a fantastic night!

The stash. All of these were used and were amazing! My husband got all the points for making it a memorable night!

I'm so glad we turned Monday into a catch-up day for us. We did yard work, house work, caught up on a few things for work, paid bills, remembered to finally take pictures in their birthday shirts for Grandma, had family meals, and ended our long weekend by doing more snakes (that they unexpectedly found while cleaning). It was an all around fantastic, tiring weekend!