Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Olympics Tuesday: Gymnastics

 This was the simple activity for the week. We brought out the little tramplines, balance beams, gym mat, trapeze bar on the swing set, hula hoops, and I let the kids do what they wanted! The trapeze bar had to be taken down a few weeks ago because the kids really like to swing it and it never fails to nail a friend in the head. I put it back up for gymnastics day and surprisingly, no one ended up with a bump on the head....although there was a close call when the middle mini flipped himself off and almost didn't make the landing!

Some kids tried to do cartwheels on the beams, other kids jumped on and off the trampoline, while others tried hula hooping with their necks. It was a warm day, so many of the kids didn't last long outside, but two kids stayed out all morning. They performed tricks on the monkey bars and trampolines. Together. There are no pictures because I was busy spotting these tricks.

An important part of exercising and playing our Olympic Games in the heat is hydration. I told the kids to drink tons of water yesterday, but I went extra and we rehydrated with a giant watermelon slushy at the end of the day. It was refreshing and delicious! 

Pop Its have been the preferred way to relax this summer. 

We are having so much fun with our Olympics Week! I love seeing the kids get involved in it all and learn about the different events the Olympics covers.