Friday, July 30, 2021

Olympics Thursday: Volleyball


Maybe it was the humidity or maybe it was because they had to learn the ins and outs of volleyball before we started, but volleyball has been their least favorite Olympics activity for the week. They still had fun and quite a few kids played for two hours, but others opted to not play at all and be spectators. We tried it at first with a beach ball, but it was "too rogue" as the kids said. We then switched to an inflatable ball and it worked much better!

I was hesitant to use an actual volleyball since we had some littles playing with us, so the inflatable ball was a great alternative. The highlight of the day for me was looking back on the pictures and absolutely laughing until I cried at the action shots. Some kids look terrified, one looked angry, one was playing with his shirt up (same kid who also chest butted the ball to serve it), a few were dancing around their side of the net, and another was in her own little world. I love all of these personalities blended together!

One of the only successful serves over the net!

The best move in all of the game: a chest-butt serve! 

Then the little who tried to serve, but the ball went straight up in the air and nearly knocked him in the head! A good reason we didn't use an actual volleyball!

An afternoon of card games and making faces with the peg board. Actually, that face is supposed to be me, or so says a kid!